Osteopenia, Femur breaks and Fosamax user

Posted by butch24350 @butch24350, Dec 11, 2019

I have osteopenia but suffered a right femur break, with IM Nailing in September 2018 ….51 weeks later, in late August 2018, I had to have the surgery re-done due to delayed union from wrong size Nail. After that surgery it was discovered I had a stress fracture in my left femur. In November I had IM Nailing in the left leg. I was a long term user of Fosamax.
I had a Dexa scan in July, which indicated the diagnosis is still osteopenia. My surgeon wants me to go to an endocrinologist, which I’m having trouble finding. Any one else have similar situation happened and what did you do?

@butch24350 That sounds unusual to have two fractures when the DEXA only shows osteopenia. I had a fracture which led me to have a DEXA and I do have osteoporosis.
I have seen an endocrinologist. I have been told that both endocrinologists and rheumatologists deal with osteoporosis. Why are you having trouble finding one? Do you live in a somewhat remote area? I found quite a few so then had to decide which one I should go to.

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