Osteopenia - What to take and when?

Posted by ss66 @ss66, Mar 26 8:08pm

Hi there,

I am so pleased to find this support group. I am 55 years old and just in my postmenopausal stage. In Nov last year after a bone density test, I found out I had Osteopenia and after a hip scan I was told I had hip bursitis. Not sure if bursitis was because of Osteopenia. Recent blood test show there is no inflammation, so I believe the hip bursitis is almost on its way out.

For Osteopenia, I am currently having Vitamin D, 50 grams of Prunes every day for vitamin K. I have started walking and feel my strength is getting better, so will soon start exercising with a physio.

Please suggest which is better collagen or glucosamine? Also, if my calcium is within normal, still do I need to add this to my routine? (I have heard mix views about calcium supplements from different doctors, like you should have it even when if it is within normal and other one said you do not need it)

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you for reading!

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sa66, the next few years will be the time of greatest loss of bone because of continuing reduction of estrogen. You may want to consider hormone replacement, especially the estradiol patch.
Calcium levels aren't useful for determining the need for supplementation because your body keeps those levels steady borrowing from the bones prioritizing the brain's need for calcium. On the other hand excess calcium collects in soft tissue and is thought by some to be implicated in athersclerosis and heart valve calcification. I take very little calcium (maybe to my detriment), never more than 250mg at a time and always preceeded by K2 by at least an hour.
I'd recommend 5mg of type 1 collagen, but haven't an opinion on glucosamine.
It's so good that you are saving your bones.

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