Operation for GERD (23 years old)

Posted by user13903 @user13903, Jan 9, 2019

I am from Europe 23 old, 75kg, student and in 3 last years I have problems with my stomach. I posted here because I dont find the LINX method in europe.

My symptoms are: I spit my food that comes from the stomach for 3-6 hours after meal even I am sitting straight on the office. Cant do gymnastic or run for 5 hours after meal. After 5-6 hours I am hungry. Small meals helps a bit. Rarely I have heartburn or I have very low heartburn. Never can sleep after small or large meal.

Endoscope: inadequate esophageal convergence without esophagitis small diaphragmatic hernia and gastritis on stomach's body, negative helicobacter (it was positive and i got a treatment)

Doctors says that the results of endoscope and ultrasound does not justify my symptoms. Nexium only will help for better sleep nothing more. Walking for 1-2 hours makes me feel good but I cant do that because I am working/studying in office. I am really thinking for an operation because its very hard to run do gymnastic and affects also my sexual life.

I thought if you do Linx operation you will have problem doing magnetic tomography in the future. Is it designed to stay forever or you remove it after treatment? Please give some advise before doing any step thank you!

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I had a hiatal hernia repair (4 cm) and the LINX Augmentation done in September 2018. I had acid reflux over 80 times a day.

Immediately after the surgery (laparoscopic) I no longer had heartburn, no pain, and no nausea. I had it done at USC in L. A. By Dr. Lipham. I would highly recommend it if you are a good candidate and everything you expressed seems like you may be.


Your situation sounds quite complex and requires more than the input you can get on this forum. I think you need an evaluation at a top gastroenterology facility to determine the treatment you require. Find the contact information for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN and contact them. They will gather your information and decide if they can offer you an appointment based on your history, symptoms etc. They are #1 in the US in gastroenterology and treat patients from all over the world. Good luck to you.

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