Opening capsules

Posted by ena555 @ena555, Jan 7 8:34pm

Can I open 5htp capsules and put the content in drink? I can't swallow them.

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Hello @ena555 5-hydroxytryptophan is an herbal medication not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. So there aren’t any assurances as to the safety or efficacy of the drug.
An online search with hasn’t shown whether it’s safe or not to open the capsules. Taking any medication other than what’s instructed on the package, whether prescribed or over the counter, is never a good idea. Capsules can be time released so that it bypasses the stomach, or so that you’re not getting more than the prescribed amount of the drug at an advanced rate. It can be dangerous to open capsules. You might check with a pharmacist to see if this is safe to open and consume in liquid.

I do have a trick I learned for swallowing pills, even the large horse pills. One of my nurses at Mayo was really helpful when I struggled to get some of my meds down. Take a drink of water, swallow…then pop the pill in your mouth. Take another sip then tilt your head down and swallow. We all have a tendency to tip our heads back as we swallow. That is just the opposite of what we need to do. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Was the 5HTP prescribed by a doctor for you? What is your reason for using it? And…is it working for you?

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