One’s story and what it might say

Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Sep 22, 2019

Can someone tell me how each discussion group gets to be a discussion subject? As a nubie I’m still trying to understand the process and the best way to navigate the connect site. So far I can say THANK YOU 1 for the site 2 for all of the volunteers, mentors, and participants willing to help with hyper-linked answers to my questions. If there is a 3 and a 4 I’m more than willing to say them. But those first two are huge helps. That said I noticed that on an occasion or two I followed the link and discovered great info and answers but I wonder if it might not be better to just answer the question instead of leading me a much bigger lesson than is necessary to answer the question. I feel badly if this discourages others from answering with hyper-links.
But back to my question: who gets to say: this or these ARE THE MAIN HEADINGS?
This is posted in the CANCER discussion group because the story that I would like to share fits here best of all.
If you’ve read any of my posts you’ve noticed that I struggle writing short stories because it seems important to me to share details of the process. There’s no doubt that it’s easy to lose track of the so called process and “ digress “. It may be happening here and now. So I’m going to slow down and pay attention to my question and the words and questions that find their way into my post. A few days go I received a few replies admitting that my post excited them but that they needed time to consider what they wanted to say. I was excited and looking forward to hearing what they though and wanted to say. So far I’ve heard nothing and no I think that there will not be a reply.
I think and perhaps many of us think similarly that “ no answer “ is in fact it’s own answer that requires a broader understanding of what is being said and why.

I’ve circled back in a manner of speaking still wondering about my question: “ how are questions chosen to be on the major list? Looking at “ CANCER “ subjects I wonder which one might best fit my story?
I think this one might be best.

In short a friend of mine had their cancer disappear completely after something else happened to her
( she contracted another disease and I thought that some aspects of the second disease played a part of sending the cancer into remission and at some point she was cancer free )

If there is a connection that resulted in her cancer disappearing how might it ever be known? Who might wonder as I did if there enough reason to investigate further?

I have wondered for many years if one disease/illness/condition/malady can be used against another? This question itself is received strangely when I ask a variety of doctors. A few doctors just laugh at my question without even answering or perhaps asking me “ what do you have in mind?” Or:
“ that’s an interesting question, what makes you ask?”
It’s been on my mind so long that I’ve now started asking a new question to inquire about this interest. I now ask: “ do you ever think about discovering something new in your field of medicine or perhaps in a field that you are interested in but don’t practice or focus on?”
One doctor said” it’s interesting that you ask me that now because just this month I asked many questions of my school and of a few other schools. It’s discouraging hearing the answers to my questions

Hi there, At the end of your post, something really caught my attention. Yes, I have heard that they are trying to cure cancer inoculating patients with polio. I know of the case of a 16 year old patient that was diagnosed with a frontal malignant tumor of the brain. She is going through radiation and once a month for one week oral chemo. Once she finishes this treatment, she will be eligible to be inoculated with the polio virus, in an attempt to do away with the tumor. I guess this treatment is solely in try outs. So, they are working on it; just not every doctor is aware of it.

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