Omental hernia

Posted by mauraacro @mauraacro, Aug 10, 2020

Is this the right group to get more info about this?
I usually post in the kidney group but recently found a lump in my abdomen that turned out to be an omental hernia. I haven't found much online but am hesitant to rely on google for medical info anyway. My Dr isn't a huge help, he said I could have surgery or not.
Anyone here have the same thing? Or ideas on where to find reliable info?

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Hi @mauraacro, You are certainly in the right group! You are not alone in reaching out on Connect when you feel as though your doctor "isn't a huge help". One thing that I think is greatly important is to never give up until you find the right physician that can help you to the level that you are comfortable with your care, not to their level of comfort.

@tennisgolf, @lindac61, @michellesmithlmt, and @jobby99 have all dealt with hernias of different types. Perhaps they can introduce themselves here and discuss their journeys.

@mauraacro, Did you only notice a lump and that was the concern or were you having other symptoms like pain or discomfort?


Thank you! I am confident in his medical opinion but would feel much better if I understood it.
I noticed a lump and don't have any symptoms or pain- unless you count me pressing on it 40000 times a day to see if it's still there.
I had an ultrasound but the results were presented in a way that I had to look up every 3rd word and still ask for clarification twice. It is a 5 cm tear in my abdominal wall with the hernia containing omentum.
He told me I can have surgery if I want to or leave it alone until it gets painful which seems unhelpful to me as I don't want to have surgery if I don't need it but would much prefer it to an emergency situation. Is there such thing as a hernia emergency?
Surgeon consultations are covered under my insurance so my next option is making an appointment and seeing what they think but I would greatly appreciate any input.


@mauraacro I think a surgeons consultation would be a great start. Did your report mention whether or not it was the greater or lesser omentum?


It didn't mention greater or lesser.
I've never heard of the omentum until this so I have some reading to do.

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