Oligodendroglioma with IDH mutation

Posted by dan0316477 @dan0316477, May 31 1:17pm

my father has Brain tumor since 5 years ago and he still unfortunately not cured and suffered from it
He tried radiation treatment,chemotherapy IV and temodal
And surgery but the tumor came back to him
Also he lose the ability of writing and talking
Have any one have the same type of this tumor or someone close to him to give details of the treatment ؟
Is there hope to recover fully and can hear his voice again¿

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Welcome, @dan0316477, I'm sorry to hear that your father's brain tumor has returned. I'm tagging fellow members like @IndianaScott @barb789123 @user_chea8a92a @zaclind1272 @andlin @stephaniefossum @elikimayo @dbprof, who can share their treatment experiences with you.

It must be hard for both of you that he has lost his ability to talk and write. Is he able to communicate with you through his eyes and movements? Does he have a palliative care team?

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