Nut allergies

Posted by rackerdan @rackerdan, Jan 6, 2020

This sounds crazy but is anyone with this condition have a reaction to Pistachio nuts?
On more than one occasion, I had moderate angina after eating these nuts.
Also, when walnut trees are in bloom I get lung congestion and wheezing similar to an athsma attack.
I don’t seem to have a problem with any other variety of nut.
Maybe I’m nuts!!!

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@rackerdan, I don't believe that you are nuts! I do believe that you are aware of how your body reacts to allergins. The first issue of the pistachios should be an easy one to avoid by eliminating pistacios.

I know of many who suffer with seasonal allergies related to dust or pollen in the air. Myself, I am diagnosed with a kind of asthma that is aggrevated by humidity and some pollens. I have an inhaler from my pulminologist that helps me when those conditions affect my breathing like if I have a lot of outdoor activity planned or if I'm hiking. He has also prescribed for me to use a daily treatnent during the allergy season. I am in central Kentucky, so that extends from May through October.
Have you recently introduced the pistachios to your diet? Or have you recently moved to a new location where you are affected by the walnut trees? Are you on any new medications? It is always okay to have a chat with your doctor when you are concerned.


@rackerdan I think nut allergies must be very individual. My husband reacts to cashews but that is the only nut that has given him a problem. It causes itching. When he went to a dermatologist the doctor immediately suspected cashews! He had another doctor come in and look at the rash and they both agreed — cashews. Now I get to keep my cashews all to myself! 😋

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