Number of radiation treatments for whole breast cancer radiation

Posted by marykaym63 @marykaym63, Oct 25, 2017

How many radiation sessions are you having for whole breast cancer radiation for a triple negative breast cancer following a lumpectomy?

Mary, I was ER/PR+, HER-, so not triple negative. I only had 19 rads, including 4 boosts. That’s probably the minimum, I think most get many more.

This is what was stated on the report from the RO. “hypofractionated radiation therapy which includes 15 fractions to the whole breast with a boost of 4 fractions for a total of 19 fractions giving a total dose of 5005 cGy.”

@barbarah @susierq111 @berit @fundytide @neeci, did you have whole breast radiation for a triple negative breast cancer? New member, @marykaym63 is about to start treatment and has questions.

Mary, as I’m sure you know, treatment plans are different from person to person. How many radiation treatments has your team suggested for you? Are you concerned about the number they’ve recommended?

I am looking for whole breast radiation closer to home. I have metaplastic squamous cell carcinoma, triple negative, grade 2 stage 3, clear margins with a lumpectomy and a clear sentinel node. The recommendation from Mayo radiation oncologist was 4 weeks with a boost the last 5 days.

I had 30 radiation treatments for triple negative stage 2. It was localized treatment. Afterwards, one of my ribs cracked and I have scarring on my esophagus which has led to problems. Radiation ending seemed the start of my journey, sadly to say. I wish you only the best.

If you go to a top cancer center, then you can trust their expert opinion, and get a second opinion always.

I had 16 excellerated treatments following chemo and a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. I was suppose to have a boost, but it was too close to my heart, so that didn't happen. Just over 3 years out and doing pretty well.

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