Numb heels and internal vibrations

Posted by kward86 @kward86, Oct 12, 2018

Hi I've been dealing with a severe numbness in my entire heel for about two weeks now. Prior to that I start feeling a vibrating sensation in my feet like the floor was shaking. It would come and go and I didnt think much of it it has since progressed to my whole body. It will last anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour or more. It feels as if my body is shaking on the inside with no visual signs of shaking. I was labeled as pre-diabetic other than I had trouble with alcohol for years. My doctor is leaning towards alcohol induced neuropathy but has no explanation for the internal tremors. In my research I see things like Parkinson's and MS and I fear that multiple sclerosis is the cause and my doctor has been hesitant in going forward with any tests. More or less tells me to stay off Google and webmd. I'm 31 the heel numbness seeming came out of no where but then again years of alcohol abuse would explain it but not the internal tremors. Does anyone have any insight on internal tremors and other things that may cause them or should I seek a second opinion from another doctor and try and push for more testing.


Have you been to a craniosacral therapist?

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no nevervheard of crainiosacralntherapist I am in Michigan will ask my osteopathic manipulation dr


@cathy514 It seems like you are struggling with many issues. I am hoping that you had a pharmacological consultation before trying any cannabis product. You are right…some of it is very expensive and unless you have the right mix, e.g. 2:1 CBD to THC, you may not benefit from using it. And it also sounds like you had the wrong ratios when you experienced the anxiety and/or paranoia or you accidentally drank a glass of wine or another form of alcohol. Alcohol in any form does not mix well with cannabis. I only know because early on I made a couple of dosage mistakes that resulted in those situations. There are ways to come out of the anxiety. Now I use a 2:1 in my morning coffee and that lets me drive. The "feel good" effects last about 4 hours. The pain is not totally eradicated but it does become very manageable. And the tinnitus….wow can that be an annoying situation. So my morning routine is a quick coffee stop, add the 2:1 dosage and then go play mahjong with friends to keep the tinnitus from becoming so dominant. I have other routines for the evening based upon my planned activities. Once, I stood next to a father who was selecting tinctures for his autistic son. He was amazed at the difference it made. I try to go to the dispensary when James is there. He is close to my age and has a great deal of knowledge and even greater empathy. Many good wishes coming your way.

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Yes, I got a consult. and a card before trying Cbd and I am not a drinker, never liked alcohol but it was cbd with no thc and yes my neighbor has an autistic son and he also is doing great with cbd he talks now it's amazing I am in Michigan and not sure what to ask for I was told in consult to try just cbd no thc

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