Non-Medicare Tymlos Users: Were you approved for a 2nd Savings Card?

Posted by katwhisperer @katwhisperer, Nov 18 8:54am

Hi all: As I finish up year 1 of my 2-year treatment soon, Radius says they may not allow another Pharmacy Savings Card for the 2nd year of treatment. While I know the past is no guarantee of future benefits, curious if anyone here (under 65/non-medicare please,) who took Tymlos for 18-24 months got a 2nd year Savings Card through Radius? Did you have to ask your doc to advocate for you?

Unfortunately, Radius won't answer either way until AFTER my employer's open season enrollment deadline – and this totally messes up my ability to choose the right insurance provider for 2024. (If they won't give a 2nd card, I need to buy a much pricier insurance plan with better RX coverage or stop using Tymlos. If they will grant a 2nd card, I can stay with current provider.) Sigh.

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