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Posted by hrant @hrant, Mar 7, 2019

I just found out during my yearly colonoscopy ( preventive for Lynch syndrome ) that i have a non bleeding AVM arterio venous malformation in the transverse colon . Is anybody living with this ? am i supposed to wait till it start bleeding ? and then what ? i would appreciate all views and ideas . i am 62 male super healthy ( besides MSH6 lynch syndrome )

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My daughter in law has an AVM on her calf. I know there is a support group. You should check it out.


@hrant, Good Morning. Congratulations for maintaining your protocal colonoscopy schedule. My husband and I recently had our scheduled routine procedure, too. I do not have any experience with your condition and the reason that I am comfortable to reply, is that you said – non emergency question. I feel confident that you would seek emergency treatment if it were indicated.
After each of our colonoscopies, we were given an oral and a written summary, very basic. The doctor, the nurse, the summary sheet all indicated for us to call if we had any complications or questions. I don't believe that these calls are meant to be emergency only. Did you receive such information? Have you thought about a phone call?
I look forward, to hearing from others who share your medical condition to share their experience with you. I know that is what you are looking for.


Thank you , Rosemary . i am trying to educate myself about this condition before i have an extensive conversation with the Dr. but if you come across a support group about this , Please forward it to me .

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