Surgery no longer an option after chemo and radiation?

Posted by teacup49 @teacup49, Jan 3 6:44pm

My has undergone chemo and radiation- and now the surgeon says he is to weak to recieve surgery – looking for a second opinion- stage t3

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How long has it been since completion of treatments. Normally they want to wait 6 weeks after treatments before surgery.


i had my last radiation treatment yesterday. after 28 radiation treatments and 6 chemos my esophagus is very sore and inflamed. it is difficult to eat and drink fluids but i have to fight through it and get my 2000 + calories 100 grams protein, 90 to 100 oz fluid every day. plus i have to move -walk the dog, go to gym 2x a week. the plan for me is a cat scan on 2/6. meet with oncologist and surgeon on 2/9 to discuss surgery options. SO AT LEAST 6 WEEKS AFTER LAST TREATMENT FOR ME


Hi @teacup49, I hope you saw the replies from @sjw6358 and @lori57216.

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Teacup, how long has it been since your husband completed chemo and radiation?


I was told I was not a candidate for surgery. I will finish 28 radiation and chemo treatments on Feb. 6. Then I have to wait 6 weeks before CT scan to see if there is any cancer left. For latest updates on my cancer treatment visit or shortcut.

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