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No diagnosis yet

Posted by @wildroses in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 28, 2012

I am a neuro nurse and I am having the hardest time getting any help :} I am on a waiting list for an appointment for Mayo. My symptoms started last May. Tingling and crawling sensations on left side of face and in my ear. Slurred speech, weakness on my left limbs, double vision, difficulty swallowing, confusion, now constant muscle twitching in my left foot and sometimes both hands. Any ideas out there? I had a MRI and CT which showed no lesions yet, and the EEG was negative for seizures. That is all the test they have done since May.

Tags: MS


Posted by @alexsimon, Aug 29, 2012

Dear Wildroses - It sounds like you are on the right track by wanting to be seen by a Mayo physician. has a wealth of information available for search, as well that might be helpful for you.


Posted by @wildroses, Sep 2, 2012

thank you I will do that.

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