Night pain

Posted by donfeld @donfeld, Feb 20, 2020

Has anybody experienced pain in your pelvic area only at night when you’re sleeping and it wakes you up every 3 hours? It Is across my pelvic area and it feels like I need a bowel movement but it’s not. Only relief I get is to get up and walk around and come down a little bit and then go back to bed and sleep another 3 hours and of course it wakes me up.

@artscaping Thanks had free bkft now zoom later with son and gift card nicer


Could you be a little more specific about the area of the pelvic pain? is it in the bone, the muscle, on the skin, GI area or nerves?

What kind of pain? constant, throbbing or pulsing, sharp, dull ache, shooting or some other description

Is it positional? only while lying down, on your back or on your side, front or back?

If walking is the only way to releave the pain, is the action of walking to solution or being vertical (vs horizontal). Does the movement alter the sensation of pain? Or does walking tire you out so that you can "ignore" the pain in order to sleep?

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