Newly Diagnosed Colorectal Cancer - Tired In The Mornings

Posted by deniseinca2022 @deniseinca2022, Jan 3 3:54pm


I am newly diagnosed with cancer of the colon or rectum following my colonoscopy. Pathology confirms cancer. No treatment scheduled yet. Still getting more tests done…CT Scan, MRI and PET Scan today and do not know where located yet or stage. Question is following your initial diagnosis were you extremely tired in the mornings? Sleeping really hard too. Some confusion? Dr.'s feel so far that I am stage one but will hopefully know for sure this week. I read that cancer cells can attack your healthy cells while at rest and can be causing this. Any input? Maybe stress? Thank you in advance for your responses… Denise

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Hi Denise,
I am where you are, having Medical Oncology consult today for chemo. My tiredness is from 1pm onwards & had to bail on my Radiation consult this afternoon having been sitting at the hospital for 5 hours. I was exhausted & teary & faced an hour drive home. I believe the fatigue & tiredness is due to the high rate the tumour cells are replicating & the energy they use to do that is stolen from the rest of your body. I have stage 3 (PET scan last week) with lymph node involvement. What I was told was, Radiation is the primary treatment with chemo support which facilitates the radiation. I was told today that I will have 2 Chemo drugs, initially IV, then oral on every day that I have Radiation. I am not likely to lose my hair but nausea & vomiting will be an issue.My radiation will be everyday for 5 days/week for 6 weeks, a logistical nightmare when I live 1 hr outside the city, but my other organs have been spared. Your treatment will be tailored for your needs and as I am in Australia, I would be very interested if your regime is the same. I have not heard that cancer cells attack anything. They are normal body cells that have lost their stop button & the damage is done by the mass of cells interfering with other organs & some cells break off & settle elsewhere & continue multiplying. I have bought a journal to record symptoms, pain, diet weight & treatment & how I respond. Watch your diet…if you can connect with a dietician, this will help heaps. I hope this is helpful


Thank you so much for your response. I had my PET scan last night and MRI on Monday. I will meet with the oncology surgeon I was assigned to on the 23rd and learn more following her meeting with a team of specialists to determine what stage I am and treatment plan. Things move fast and then slow down. I wish you well during this journey and hope to hear more on your progress as I will too. Thanks again 🙏


I to had same symptoms prior to starting chemo for stage 3 sigmoid colon cancer. Just finished my 10th session. My side effects are minimum. Taste is another story. Energy level is good. morning is my best time.

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