New to this forum, please help me, have SMALL FIBER NEUROPATHY

Posted by alladria @alladria, Mar 19, 2019

I just found this website and have a question. I would appreciate your help. I'm sorry for my English, it's not perfect.
It's been a year since I'm having pin and needles sensations mostly on left side of my body, but sometimes on the right side but not much. Firstly I could feel it only in my left foot, now I can feel the buzzing, burning and tingling in my knee, around my left eye as well, my heart is also behaving strangely lately. My doctor ordered MRI of my spine which showed that L5-S1 disc bulge is pressing the descending S1 nerve root. I also had a skin biopsy performed. Epidermal nerve fiber ( ENF ) studies showed borderline low ENF densities in the left calf and thigh with minimal perivascular chronic inflammation in the calf and negative stains for amyloid. Is it possible that the pinched nerve in my spine is causing Small Fiber Neuropathy ?
Thank you very much for any help.

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I'm curious. Doctors swear by epidurals. I had 3, 2 were guided. Best effect lasted less than a week. I'm guessing I've talked to well over 20 people who have had epidurals for back pain. No one reported any improvement. I wonder what the experience is in this community.

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i have had 8 epidurals, only one did not work, the others provided relief for quite awhile, but in the end it only masks the issues, eventually symptoms come back, but I would say they have been beneficial for me in the long run

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