New (to me) PCRI Resource and 2022 review

Posted by jimcinak @jimcinak, Jan 16 9:07pm

Background: I had PBT therapy in early 2020; with a PSA of 8.3, and I did a 4 month course of ADT.
When I was diagnosed and treated the only nuclear medicine scan was the choline scan.
When asked, I say I'm in remission, and that I hope that it lasts for the rest of my life. (I'm 72 and my parents lived into their 90's)
I feel heartened that there are new PSMA PET scans that are much better at identifying small metastases of PCa. The new Lutetium-177 aka "Pluvicto" treatment option also provides possibilities for treating metastatic disease.
So, a new resource I have been using and sharing are the videos of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (different from the Prostate Cancer Foundation) These are on youtube They cover a variety of topics that are very germane to those considering first treatme3nt treatment options, and for those whose disease may have advanced.

A very new video in their series is:
2022 Recap: New Treatments and Approaches in #prostatecancer

The video starts with conversation about Lutetium-177 but continues on to talk about the benefits of PSMA pet scans and the balance of pinpoint radiation for small metastases and when Lutetium should be used.
Great Stuff!!

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