Frequent unexplained fevers

Posted by findbetter @findbetter, Aug 30, 2017

Hi All
I hope you all are doing well and finding health improvements if undergoing a treatment. I wish to learn from others experiences if something similar as my symptoms experienced and what to do here on.

I am 39, asian, usually careless, smoker who has not had a PCP untill last year.

Since early last year, I have been having fevers every 6-8 weeks that were 4-5 days long, usually 99-101, with some late nights as high as 104F. Fevers usually were triggered if consumed chilly cold drinks/coffee/beer etc. Towards end I get painful throat. I have had no other symptoms at all. No headache, cough, abdominal pain, any other pain at all.

I have seen couple PCP’s since then and each one wrote some bloodwork where everything looked ok.No thyroid. One said high WBC count. But they have been unable to tell why this happens.
Since this year started, frequency has gone up to once every 2-3 weeks and even when no fever by thermometer, I feel warm inside with bodyache.
Not sure what to do other than finding yet another doc.

I wish I knew what specialist to see other than a fever doctor??

Hello @findbetter, welcome to Mayo Connect. We are glad you found us. Connect is a great place to ask questions and learn what other Connect members are doing for similar health concerns. Until some other Connect members can join in and offer their experiences, the Mayo Clinic website has some helpful information on Fever – Symptoms and Causes here:

You may want to use Mayo Clinic’s Symptom Checker to see if it offers any clues to what may be causing the high fever:
Mayo Clinic is very good at diagnosing rare and hard to diagnose health problems. If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, please call one of our appointment offices. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here:

I would make a list of all your questions and concerns so that when you meet your doctors you will be able to help them help you. I have found that it makes my appointments go better when I’m better prepared and don’t forget something I wanted to ask the doctor.

Hoping you find some answers soon.



I suffered from something like this for years. You body is fighting an infection since your wbc is high, you might ask them to test you for H pylori. You could also be going Through premenopause or menopause. Really look at using yogurt and things that will help to clear some of the bacteria in your stomach.. You said there is nothing wrong with your stomach, but try this and you may feel so much better. Good Luck


Hi @findbetter,

How are you? Did you find out what’s causing you to have fever? I’d like to invite @blindeyepug @whyus @jillnc to join this discussion, and share their insights as they have posted about low-grade fevers. You can view the conversation here:
– Have a few autoimmune disorders – now have consistent low grade fever

@findbetter, were you prescribed any antibiotics to manage your symptoms? We look forward to hearing back from you.


@findbetter I have heard this song before. I have been fighting a low-grade fever from infection for about 55 years. Just went through another bout. This time the doc(from tests) says I have echarria (I think that is right). Anyway, Cipro seems to have it controlled. However, I am wondering where this came from. I suppose it could be anyplace. I went through a lot of stuff through the years which could have given it to me. Now I know I have Amyloidosis, which, among other results, opens the body to invasion by outside organisms such as bacteria. Just on an outside chance, you might have your doc check you for serum Free Light Chain, sFLC(c) using the kit from Bindings/Mayo, and one of the stronger labs such as Mayo, ARUP, et. If your reading is above 1.6mg/dL, this will probably be pointing the way. It could show psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or orthopedic A in a joint such as knee or elbow or hip or wrist. In fact, arthritis is often the cause of such a hidden infection. Mine is mostly in the right hip, but have had it as knee, ankle, toe (tarpal tunnel), wrist (carpal tunnel), LARYNX(!) issues.

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