New Nipples from stem cells.

Posted by colely @colely, May 5 11:44am

New start-up, Novothelium, regenerating nipples after mastectomy. And they are pigmented. If you are allergic to red pigments, as I am, your body will attack the pigment, and dissolve it. Also, much of the tattoo inks are toxic, from heavy metals, hydrocarbons, etc. Tattoo ink has migrated, and been found in the liver, and tumors. This looks promising. Also, stem cells are looking promising for a more breast- tissue like substance to build breasts.

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@colely, this does look promising. As you pointed out, NovoThelium's nipple areolar matrix is not available for clinical use yet.

It seems like their tattoo services are for temporary temporary nipple areolar tattoo in many color options. I guess you would have to be cautious about inquiring about red pigments to ensure your choice didn't include red.

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