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Posted by sdemaria @sdemaria, Jul 28, 2018

Long story short, had MRI surgeon tells me I don't need surgery. Okay, that's great news. Go to my 4TH neurologist in 18 yrs and she says looking at my results, who told you weren't a candidate for surgery? I replied, my surgeon the one who recommended me to you. Please note, I have been suffering w/peripheral nerve decease for 18yrs and in 2015 was told I have myelinating nerves in arms-2nd EMG in 18yrs. Also after getting these EMG's I suffered greatly with severe acute pain 3hrs after having the test. It took 3 years of my life. Now the new neurologist wants to give me yet another EMG, why I ask because she is not happy with a PT guy that gave me the test, she expressed only a doctor should give this test. It didn't seem to even register with her when I explained my acute pain I had after these tests. Again please note I suffer with PSTD because of this, in which she saw as I was crying as I explained. My question is if this test causes me such severe pain why would she want to give me another? How many tests do I need till I can get help with pain? Oh wait lets go to yet another doctor, $$$$$$$$$$ I'm on SSD how many doctors does it take till one of them due there JOB? Gosh, I could even share more stories I experienced. (Corrective cervical surgery) Had my wrist cut and my elbow, again made my pain worse!!!!!

I'm on SSD also (out tax dollars at work) . I've had a pesky problem for about 20 years. The first five years, I had to self administer a very painful procedure 3 times a day (or go on dialysis). I constantly had infections and had numerous operations. One day my doctor suggested a "new surgical procedure". I declined. A few years later the now – "not so new" surgical procedure had been perfected. I had the new procedure, which has reduced hospital visits down to only once every 6 weeks. Your doctor's goal and your goal is the same -Your being restored to health. My doctor said to me, -it's not than I am any smarter than you (even though his IQ is about triple mine), but he continued to say, "I just have a better perspective." Next time an MD suggests something- I will listen. Perhaps a new procedure to help your malady is being developed -as we speak– Don't give up, don't give in. Also, you might want to ask your MD's about Post-Traumatic Stress GROWTH. And do remember Mayo clinic is THE top rated hospital system in America (2017). Dr. Ron. Make Today Count.

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