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Hope when we want… Have you heard about a new drug infusion device that is being treated directly in the brain? This has been developed for Parkinson's, but it can be used to make brain tumor chemotherapy in situ rather than to poison the whole body. Here is the device link:–42358

Hi, @marcyprof – sounds like an interesting concept. Connect members like @pejiota4jack @dianeem @IndianaScott @eileen61 may be interested in this infusion device for direct treatment of the brain.

I think that the link you included in your post may have changed, as it's now going to a "page not found" message. If you have the updated link, others may be interested to take a look at it.

You've mentioned in other threads, marcyprof, that you have a non-operable brain tumor. Is this type of drug infusion something that your doctor thinks might be a possibility for your treatment?


Hi, @lisalucier – The Internet address is always good, from here (Canada) right now (I just tried it). Maybe you can do a search on Google with the words: renishaw neuroinfuse drug device.
Regarding my brain tumor, I regularly receive intra-arterial chemotherapy (carotid). This Renishaw device would be able to transport the poison-chemo directly into the tumor rather than all the body's blood. I will discuss it with my neurosurgeon and I will give you news.

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