New at living with ostomy. Raw garden green salad or protein powder?

Posted by trip13 @trip13, Jan 18, 2023

-Is fiber from Garden Salad too much? Size small or standard size?

-Do protein and/or collagen powder
drinks make the stool harder for the bag use? My protein powder has 3 gr of fiber.

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Hi there!
The easy answer (but not helpful) is "it depends." I recommend when you try new things, do it in small doses. So if you try a salad, stick with simple greens until you know how you feel. Protein drinks for me actually seem to make my stool watery, but I drink them anyway for the nutrition.

One thing that would be super helpful is getting with a nutritionist. Ask your doc to get you set up with an appointment, then you can work out what foods might be good or not, plus any supplements you might need to add in.
I hope this helps a bit!


Hi @trip13, I wanted to add my welcome along with @wyokatie. I hope you saw her helpful answer.

Living with an ostomy can be trial and error. How are you doing? Have you consulted a nutritionist?


Protein drinks like Orgain do make my out put thinner. Yet Orgain Protein Power added to drinks for extra protein does make my stool thicker! It’s a trial and error with me. I need to get more potty so I’m experimenting but so thankful to have a very nice Nutritionist to help. We have an appointment once a month!


Oh sorry I meant more protein certainly not more potty’. Crazy!🤣😊

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