New and lost: Symptoms of cervial cancer

Posted by chinkyeyes @chinkyeyes, Jan 2 8:10pm

Hello this is my new reality of hearing the words “your experiencing symptoms of cervical cancer”. And deciding to have a hysterectomy l!!! Only my mom and boyfriend know I won’t tell my kids and I hope this is the right decision.

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The title of your post says it all, doesn't it? New reality, new losses: this may be a metaphor for aging as well 🙂 How are you feeling about your decision to have a hysterectomy? It sounds like you have the support of your mom and boyfriend, and I'm glad you've reached out here for support as well. I hope you can access other resources, too, as you need them; it would be helpful to know where to get counseling, what to expect post-op, and how to find help for household tasks during your recovery. Wishing you so much support during this time.


Hi @chinkyeyes, like @valentinaz notes, the title of your discussion says it all. Being thrown into the world of cancer is like being lost without a map or GPS.

You mention that you were told that you're "experiencing symptoms of cervical cancer.” Have you been diagnosed with cervical cancer or are you currently getting tests to see IF you have cancer? How old are your kids?

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