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Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Oct 29, 2019

Then, within the last week or so I was late twice: 5 minutes for my therapist 20 mins for my PCP My PCP was asked by my shrink to give me a competency test so I was his last patient. The therapist I’m seeing is puzzled about the competency test request. I did tell my therapist why I think the shrink who my therapist never met and doesn’t know only meets with me for 30 minutes at a time once every 6 months if I’m lucky more often than not it’s more like every 9 months.
It occurred to me that part of the problem with health care in general is that most doctors have little or no contact with other doctors that we see. Someone will inevitably bring up medical records and or “ notes “.
I’m already feeling anxious about my earlier post about being mindful of the length of my posts. My mind is racing attempting to imagine how to explain just what I mentioned so far.
Isn’t it at least important enough to wonder how and why a psychiatrist and a “ therapist “ LCSW don’t have any communication about a patient? As it turns out, most people that I have asked this same question to don’t think it’s so unusual at all. Remember that the shrink contacted the PCP to administered the comp test.
Based on what I know and also in part what I don’t know, I think it’s impossible to make this a short post. I do think it’s possible to break things down into several posts that will explain a few things and raise a few questions that I think are critically important in general that may shine a light on the much bigger problem of how we all got to this giant mess called “ health care “
I’ve written in my journal that I wish it was possible to wear a body camera as the police now wear to eliminate the he said, she said situations that complicate getting to the truth about what happened. Of course most individuals and professional business’s do not want to be recorded. I keep thinking of something my grandmother taught me when I was about 6 years old. She told me that “ if you tell the truth you never need to worry about remembering what you said “ I apply that saying to wearing a body camera: what is there to worry about if all one wants to do is to have a record of what is said and done?
Why did the shrink want a competency test? I’ve been complaining about a “brain fog” and other circumstances that have been happening more frequently and lasting longer.
Here is where I’m going to attempt to keep the information short.
This isn’t something that just happen for no reason. I see a reason and correlation but it doesn’t show up in any medical journals or well known illnesses so he immediately thinks that it’s signs of early onset dementia. I tell him that it’s stress related. I’m not a doctor so that theory gets tossed out.
Add to this my blood tests done about a year ago which showed extremely low Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D The VA hospital that did the test called home before I arrived back home after the test. The message was to return the call ASAP I called and was told to return the next day. 80 plus miles round trip. I asked if it could wait a week. The nurse said no because the numbers were so low that they wanted to repeat the test and make sure the test was taken correctly. I asked how low it was and all she said that in over 20 years of medical service she had never seen numbers so low. I honestly didn’t know nor do I know now how low is really low or what it means.
I was given injectable B12 and 5000 units of D3 tablets I’ve taken B12 shots before but I was never told to inject myself once a week for two months!
A year has gone by and the B12 If now “ high normal “ the D is still low after a year of making several efforts to get the D back to normal.
From what I’ve read, all of the most complained about symptoms that I’ve had for over a year now can be associated with low D including the brain fog, vision problems, digestive problems, sweating and lots more.
I don’t know where to go or who to see.

Does anyone know which specialty doctor can look at this with new eyes?


My neurologist took the sheet of paper with my questions and copied it into my medical records. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be but I am sick of others judging me and trying to tell me what to do. My life is a never- ending nightmare on some days but it doesn’t mean I am a child or be talked to like one. I have been independent since 18 so please stop treating me like I am an invalid.

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@theshewolf1 I am sorry that your neurologist treated you poorly. I think many doctors start out like that and then when they figure that you are reasonably competent they tone that down. I have a pretty good rapport when it comes to that with all of my doctors.
No one loves going to the doctor, but when the doctor is dismissive or treats you like you are incompetent it's 10 times worse. If the neurologist is still treating you that way you may want to consider a different neurologist. I had to see a neurologist a few times due to episodes of confusion which turned out to be metabolic, not neurologic. He was absolutely wonderful, one of my all time favorite doctors.

Are you seeing a neurologist for memory problems? If you indicated the purpose I must have missed that somehow.


Jk, I read that D2 is vegetable sourced and D3 is animal. After my hospitalization for what they said was a small bowel obstruction I decided to go back to my quasi vegetarian diet: no animal flesh which includes fish and fowl. Based on what I’ve been reading I did the wrong thing because vegetarians are none to be D deficient. I’m still in the dark because there’s no finger on the pulse.

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@stuckonu According to this article, it sounds as if D3 is superior to D2 so I am wondering why my doctor prescribed D2.

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