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Posted by wideawakechas @wideawakechas, Oct 26, 2021

Has anyone heard of or tried a pill treatment called Vita Soothe Pro?

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I was getting ready to order more A lipoic acid when i came across this thread. I see mine by Nature's Pure is a combo of R and S lipoic acid. I also take Vitamins. D3 and K2. L carnitine made me vomit 2 days in a row so I don't take it.
I had some neuropathy in my feet before I started chemo, but it didn't interfere with my life. After receiving Taxol, my feet became very numb and I had to stop driving. Some feeling has come back to my feet and I was able to make an 8 mile drive to a shopping center. Going was no problem; after the joy of being in a shopping center again and tromping around, my feet became numb and the drive home wasn't much fun. I've never had painful feet, just numb. I do believe my feet are better and I would recommend trying the 3 supplements I mentioned. You don't need a fancy brand. I also take phosphatidyl serine. It makes me feel relaxed. If you notice the ads for Prevagin and other brain supplements, the main ingredient is phosphatidyl serine and it's much easier and cheaper to buy a bottle of phosphatidyl serine on Amazon. I take 600mg of gabapentin a day. I've cut back from 900 a day.

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