neuropathy from antibiotics for uti

Posted by nancynaninnice @nancynaninnice, Aug 7 12:52pm

I have embedded uti for about 1 year and only controlling it 24/7 with antibiotics. Now my bloodwork shows anemia from antibiotics and peripheril neuropathy, numbness in feet is getting worse.

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Hello, @nancynaninnice, as if a constant UTI isn’t bad enough, developing side effects from the treatment is really unfortunate. Is there any chance of changing the antibiotic?
Many years ago, I had a similar situation of recurring UTIs. My PCP would give me antibiotics without testing my urine. As soon as I was off the antibiotics, back it came. I finally made an appt with a urologist and they scoped my bladder and kidneys and ran a 5 day culture on my urine.
They finally discovered the source of bacteria and I was treated. Touch wood, I’ve not had one since and that’s over 40 years ago. I was prescribed Macrobid for a year to fully control the recurring UTI.

Have you had a cystoscopy to check inside your bladder or any imaging done of your urinary tract? What tests have been run to determine the type of bacteria.
I’ve posted a few links below for you regarding UTIs. Also information about which antibiotics can cause anemia and/or the neuropathy.
Have you talked with your physician about this? Are you seeing a Urologist?

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