Neuropathy caused by toxins, poisons and chemicals

Posted by John, Volunteer Mentor @johnbishop, Apr 6, 2022

We all read the safety notices on those household and garden chemicals...right? One of the lesser known side effects of some toxins, poisons and chemicals is toxic neuropathy. I'm hoping we can use this discussion to allow members to share their chemical induced neuropathy journey to learn from each other and to raise awareness of the possible dangers.

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Definitely triggered by something in the hour that I bought 3 years ago. Symptoms getting worse with long exposure. Professional Air Quality testing each year. Not Radon, mold, formaldehyde. Some kind of Volatile organic compounds, but worse end with different weather conditions. Primary Care and Neurologist very sceptical of actual physical effects. Say they don’t know what tests to do. Bloodwork is good. Neuropathy and imbalance and fatigue are debilitating. Thank you for listening.

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Have you had a B6 Bloodtest? It is not part of the ordinary CBC and Metabolic Panels unless you request it. The reason I ask is that B6 Toxicity can cause negative histamine reactions that exacerbate symptoms. The histamine reaction can include environmental contaminants.


I will request a B6 test from my Osteopathic doctor. She was recommended by my Physical Therapist.
Very good, but appointments not covered by Medicare. LabCorp tests are covered, thankfully.
Ongoing issue with my Primary and Neurology doctors- will not order tests that I request.
Thank you for good advice.

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