Neuropathy because of cerebral palsy and dead nerves post surgery

Posted by upasanapannu @upasanapannu, Jun 1, 2021

Dear Team,

Hello! I am Upasana from India writing to share the story of my neuropathic pain. I have had the physical disability of cerebral palsy since birth. I got a rhizotomy done in my spinal cord back in 2001. I am 32 years old now. Following the rhizotomy, the sensation in the lower half of my right leg never got restored fully. As a reason, my posture and motor abilities also got affected. I now have a prominent scoliosis in the lower portion of my spine, which I try to keep in shape by observing a good posture as much as I can. But that twist is there. I have been experiencing extra numbness and the damaged nerves/ little electric shock sensation, every now and then, beginning from 2010. It is a painful feeling. It interferes with a full and active participation in life, because of movement restrictions and fears of stepping out into the sleep when I am otherwise overwhelmed with sleep but I can't manage to doze off because of the pain. I often have trouble going It has had a physical as well as mental and psychological impact on my personality and life. I did manage to complete my law degree with a scholarship and have worked as a lawyer as well as a content writer for the past decade. I have had beautiful fun holidays with my family. They love me. And yet, my quality of life has suffered to a considerable extent. I could have been a happier, brighter, more successful person if I had not encountered the hurdle of neuropathy. I have been looking for ways to manage my condition better. That's how I found this group.
Wish you people a safe and happy day.

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Hello Upasana @upasanapannu, Welcome to Connect, an online community where patients and caregivers share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others. I can't begin to imagine how difficult your journey has been trying to get some relief from the pain. There is another discussion that you might find helpful on the rhizotomy procedure. @qball2019 may have some thoughts or information to share with you.

Rhizotomy: How to prepare physically and mentally?:

It sounds like your pain is worse at night and interferes with your sleep. When you had the rhizotomy done in 2001 did it help with the pain?

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