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I’m frustrated. I sustained a back injury at work 3 months ago. Mri showed 2 bulged disks (on the left) splinters and arthritis. The worst pain was in my lower back at the L4/L/5 and nerve pain down my right leg to my toes. I was off work for 3 weeks. When I returned to work on light duty, I was put in our back room which stay at 41degrees condition product in a sink of cold water for at least 4 hours of my shift.I’m a produce manager. During this time, I sustained frostbite on my toes. More severe on my right foot. My Dr. said to avoid the cold temps. As the next two weeks went on, my upper right thigh became numb, then I started having nerve pain on the right and left sides of my right leg. Cramping in my calf, back of knee and upper thigh. I also have cold/ heat sensitivity . My Dr. thought it may be vascular even though I know it is nerve pain. All vascular testing came back normal. I had to ask to see a neurologist and was given emg and nvs which both came back normal. The neurologists recommendation was pain management. I’m in a ton of pain and it effects my job and daily living. I need to find out what is causing this and if it could be small fiber neuropathy.

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Have you discussed the possibility of getting a second opinion on what's causing the pain versus seeing a pain management specialist with your neurologist? Sometimes just confirming a diagnosis may be a good thing.



@muggie6288, I recently saw this page come up on my news feed that you might be interested in reading.

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