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Posted by stulerner @stulerner, Dec 31, 2018

Has anyone had surgery for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

Hi, @stulerner – I'd like to call on some members who may have had surgery for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, know something about it or know others who have undergone this, like @johnbishop @upartist @nicoletta8 @steeldove @edwhalen @sherlock @pfbacon. Hoping they may have some thoughts for you.

Are you considering undergoing surgery for your neuropathy, @stulerner? If so, what is being proposed for your surgery?


Hi @stulerner, you mentioned surgery for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy? I'm not sure there is any such surgery. The reason being if it's idiopathic that means they do not know the cause of the neuropathy which means they don't know what needs fixing. Here's a little more information that may help explain:

Peripheral Nerve Surgery



I am willing to have any surgery that will help with axonal sensory neuropathy. My doctors haven't suggested any but I'll see my neurologist on Monday; I'll ask. And I'll read this thread for ideas of what to ask about. TY Peggy


When I look for new drugs or procedures I include the term 'pubmed' at the end of the search terms. This gives the NIH research papers that have been published about the drug or procedure.

There cannot be surgery for any idiopathic condition since the term 'idiopathic' means: relating to or denoting any disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.

Surgery can not be performed for a condition for which the cause is unknown.

There are several publications that indicate POSSIBLE success from surgery for decompression of nerves in the feet of patients with neuropathy caused by diabetes.

Search: surgery for neuropathy pubmed.

I cannot post the actual link since I am a new member.

Regards, Elained

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