Neuroendocrine Lung stage 4B with metastasis in liver

Posted by tufan @tufan, Jan 25, 2023

I got Diogenes last summer, neuroendocrine Tumor in Lung with metastatic liver, start directly targeting Therapie Chemo/platinum und immutherapie (atezolizumab) 5 mounts. Now results came things are become worst. Can any one any Therapie knows? New Immuntherapie or …

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@tufan sorry for late reponse... thank you so much for your input. She finished her first cycle of chemo about two weeks now and she will start the next one next Wed. They run blood work prior each cycle. She has gained her energy back and feeling better. Hoping chemo is doing what is suppose to do. She will also see her oncologist next Wed prior starting chemo. I hope you guys also getting good results. Stay positive and keep going! Never give up! I learned this tumor is all about education. More patient and care giver know better chance to overcome.

Good luck!

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