Neuropathy and nickel allergy after back surgery

Posted by abarka @abarka, Mar 31, 2022

I had c6-c6 disk fusion in 2020. I started having low grade fever and body itch, pin and needles 45 days after surgery Came to realize that I have nickel allergy and the harware implant contained 50% of nickel. In 2021, I had a second surgery and the hardware was replaced with one that has zero nickel. But 3 months after, pin and needles came back and are only controlled by Gabapentin. Pin and needles are from head to toe. Please help

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Hi @abarka, welcome. I’m sorry that you had to have a second surgery upon discovering that you are allergic to nickel.

Here’s some information on nickel allergies

After your second surgery did the neuropathy symptoms disappear, but now they’ve reappeared after 3 months? Or did the pins and needles never go away?

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