Neulasta coverage

Posted by bluffitis @bluffitis, Jan 25, 2021

Went to Mayo Jax today for round 3 of jevtana.

Medicare had covered the jevtana and neulasta on body injector for the 1st round in December

Got a surprise today when I was about to receive the neulasta and had to sign a form acknowledging that Medicare doesn’t cover the neulasta and I could be financially responsible.

Has anyone else had this happen?


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@bluffitis. That’s a bit of a nasty surprise, I’d say! Neulasta has a hefty price tag. As I’m reading your post, it appears your first round of Neulasta was covered by Medicare and now, in the new year, it’s not? Do you know if your supplemental insurance coverage changed? I’m not an expert on Medicare by any means, but coverage of a drug can often be affected by where you are in your coverage with deductible, Part D coverage and your Medicare Advantage Plan. When going through chemo for AML, I’d receive an injection of Neulasta the day after my monthly week of chemo. There was some discussion as to Medicare not covering Neulasta OnPro, (the body injector) but it would cover the necessary Neulasta single injections after a quick call to our supplemental insurance provider. Have you been in contact with your supplemental insurance provider? Hopefully someone with more knowledge of Medicare will pop into this conversation. Best wishes to you! Lori. P.S. don’t forget to have some Clariton on hand (if if doesn’t interfere with other meds) for a few days to help mitigate the discomfort of the Neulasta when it kicks in!


@bluffitis Is there a Social Worker available at your treatment center? Often they are familiar with and accustomed to working with all areas of providers and sources of financial assistance. Good luck as you search for help with this issue. Please let us know if you have contact with a source like that.
Blessings, Nancy

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