Nerve rejuve

Posted by larrymc @larrymc, Dec 6, 2021

Has anyone tried Nerve Rejuve? A combination of alpha lipoic acid, b vitamins plus some other natural ingredients.
I've been taking R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and B-Complex vitamins for the last 30 plus days. No noticeable help

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@larrymc Is this the Protocol 525 I keep reading about all over the boards here? I know I saw on one board many others commenting about taking this kind of thing, some said it helped but others not so much. I have not tried myself, but would be interested to see what others respond here. Good luck to you, though!!! 🙂


@rivermaya34 and larrymc – I haven't heard of Nerve Rejuv but did find multiple sites where you can buy it and no really "official" company website. If you Google search you can find the different Ad sites and each one will get you to this site as the offical website – It redirects and opens to a full page YouTube video and then you can access a buy link by scrolling down the page. The FDA disclaimer at the bottom of the page has a link to show the scientific refererences which are legit for some of the ingredients of Nerve Rejuv.

The Protocol 525 is something I have been taking since 2016 before it became a product and we ordered each supplement through Amazon links maintained by the Facebook group. The product has a website ( and a Facebook group ( I posted my neuropathy journey story in another discussion here:

There is a discussion where you can find more info – Have you tried the new Protocol 525 product for neuropathy relief?:

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