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Nerve pain

Posted by @catrogocki, May 17, 2013

I have bad nerve pain due to a damaged nerve during surgery. I read an article about a procedure where the nerve is frozen to relieve pain. I believe they called it cryoneurolysis. Has anyone heard of this and where it is being done?



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Posted by @jeffinmn, May 19, 2013

My neurosurgeon at Mayo told me that they do not perform surgery for pain alone… I suggest you locate a pain clinic. I have had 3 nerve block procedures. The first lasted 3 months, the second 1 month and the third lasted a week… They play down the risks, but they range from no result to paralysis. Do your homework…


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Posted by @catrogocki, May 20, 2013

Thanks for your reply! What does the nerve block involve? I have a pain specialist and have had several cortisone shots which do provide some relief. But I am looking for better
options to manage the pain. The procedure I mentioned is minimal and seems to involve putting a probe under the skin and making it really cold to literally freeze the damaged nerve. The article I found is at:

Has anyone heard of this procedure and whether it is being done clinically in the US or Canada?


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Posted by @anon44978975, Sep 1, 2013

Have you tried taking Neurotin or Lyrica? I have neuropathy and it has recently spread very quickly throughout my body and the only relief I am able to get is with Neurotin (generic is Gabapentin) and without it, I can’t function because of the pain and the feeling of a heater being placed against my feet and my legs going numb and feeling very heavy and making it hard to walk. Mine started from a car accident but I’m being tested for Lyme Disease because of the rapid increase of nerve damage throughout my body. If you’ve never tried those meds, I would definitely recommend it before taking a chance with a procedure that may cause more damage. Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!

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