nerve pain in rectum and numb left leg

Posted by dianaesayers @dianaesayers, Oct 7, 2021

can any one help me nerve pain in. rectum cant stand ipain ativan works but dr wont perscribe more take 3 times a day wantvto die its so bad

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Hello @dianaesayers and welcome to Mayo Connect. I am sorry to hear of the pain you are experiencing as well as the leg numbness. You did not share how long you have had these symptoms nor if the leg numbness and the rectal pain started at the same time.

It is understandable that your doctor would not want to prescribe more Ativan. Has your doctor considered using an anti-depressant? Often these meds are very helpful with chronic pain.

I'm wondering what sort of tests and specialists you have seen for these problems? Do you have other health difficulties for which you are being treated?

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