Nerve / muscle twitching

Posted by jeffkboyce @jeffkboyce, May 19, 2021

Hello all – over the past year or so I have had muscle twitching / nerve twitching in my lower legs and knees. I also have some mild tingling. I had an MRI and the culprit looks is at the L4/L5 area. In addition I am genetically fused at the S1 area. This has caused wear and tear issues resulting in disccompression and both foraminal and lateral stenosis. It is annoying but not painful. The Dr and P/T have told me it is mild but I have changed Drs and requested a nerve study. I do not have any loss of movement. Weakness or muscle loss. In fact I am adding muscle from resistance training. I have found heat helps in most areas so at the end of the day I sit on a heating pad. I also stretch, move and exercise. Some days are better than others. Has anyone else had this issue and if so did a decompression or fusion surgical intervention eliminate it?

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I'm experiencing similar symptoms in my lower legs and feet and it's related to either my L5 nerve damage, my stenosis or peripheral neuropathy. The biggest item that gives me relief is movement. The more I move, walk, perform squats (against a wall using an exercise ball) 2-3 times a day. I feel this opens the nerve pathways. Sitting just closes them back up, in my opinion.


Totally agree and thank you for the squat idea. The P/T showed me that variation it is a good movement! If you don’t mind my asking did you do any surgical procedures if so what did you do? Or are you using a conservative approach ?


I had a L5 laminectomy and L4-S1 fusion in 1990 with stainless steel plates. My recovery took a very long time. My fall stopped me from being a nurse but I became a healthcare consultant after recovering. But I think 19 years of being a road warrior didn't help my back much. Pain is my daily pal that accompanies me everywhere I go. My sole job now is to try to remain as painless as possible. My success rate varies day to day. I love to cook but the process of using my upper body makes my mid-back and shoulders hurt more. I had a massage today for the first time since Covid locked us down. I feel very-very good today.

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