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Nerve block for shoulder surgery

Posted by @rsniebel, Apr 8, 2012

I had a nerve block done for my rotator cuff surgery on 02/23 and became sick within a week after. Symptoms: excessive stomach gas, naseau to the point of gagging when trying to eat, and pain in my upper abdomen. First few days I thought it was from Chinese food and a week after contributed it to the stomach flu. It never got better. I felt like I wanted to vomit but never could and never had diarrhea. I have seen GI and had all the tests which show nothing is wrong with my stomach but six weeks later I still have the same issues. I am wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this after having a nerve block and surgery? I am desperate for some relief and want my life back. Thank you.



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Posted by @tweetertot, May 12, 2012

Hi! I had shoulder surgery back in April ’11 I had a nerve block and afterwards I had a lot of memory issues and I actually have a nerve disease now and some serious nerve issues.I am only 16 but after my nerve block I would have pain radiate all down my arm into my hand. I think nerve blocks can cause just about anything.There quite painful and you might have been allergic to something or the anesthesia was bad? Hope that helps.


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Posted by @annmerc, Sat, Jun 10 8:22pm

Hello, I had a total reverse shoulder replacement 2 years ago and a nerve block fro pain in the recovery room and I did not have any problems.

Posted by @kanaazpereira, Sun, Jun 11 9:24am

Hello @annmerc,

Thanks so much for returning to Connect with your insight. May I ask how long your nerve block lasted? Did you have a catheter placed during the nerve block for pain relief?


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Posted by @annmerc, Sun, Jun 11 2:40pm

The block lasted quite a while but less than 24 hours. I did not have a catheter.

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