How long did you have a Nephrostomy?

Posted by rso @rso, Jul 20, 2022

Has anyone had the bag removed after a period of time? Hoping this isn't permanent. Ty

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@rso, it's my understanding that a nephrostomy tube can remain in the kidney as long as there is obstruction in your urinary tract. This may be days, weeks or months. I'm tagging fellow members @windom1950 @graphicedge @BuckyFestoon @kenster who can share their experiences with a nephrostomy and its removal.

RSO, does your team know what is causing the obstruction and is it being treated with radation or other treatment?


The growing masses in the perivesical region. Haven't been able to continue treatment until the kidney was treated. Creatinine was too high.
Hoping to try RLT because failed on docetaxal after 2 cycles. Waiting for the PSMA Pet Scan to be scheduled now.


Searching YouTube can provide a variety of recent discussions regarding prostate cancer treatments.
Here is an example


Nephrostomy tube placement
Has any one changed from a bag to an internal tube? I need to make the right decision. Ty

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