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Posted by medic_simmons @medic_simmons, Feb 20, 2018

So for the past 3 months I have had awful middle epigastric pain, new onset constipation, no appetite at all, dizziness, headaches, and horrible itching. The pain came on suddenly in the middle of the night that woke me up from a deep sleep. So far I have had an upper GI barium swallow study, EGD and colonoscopy, 2 CTs, 1 MRI, X-RAYS, and an exploratory abdominal surgery where I had a few adhesions and a cyst on my left ovary. All of my lab work has been fine and all of these tests have been normal. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be? I am seeing my GI tomorrow in hopes of scheduling an ERCP and if that doesn’t show anything I will be headed to the Mayo Clinic. I’m open to any suggestions on what y’all think it might be.


@medic_simmons, have your doctors ruled out complications from interstitial cystitis?
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@kanaazpereira no they have not. They haven’t even mentioned it. I will have to bring it up with my urologist. I’m calling to make an appointment as we speak. Thank you.


Hello @medic_simmons
Welcome to Mayo Connect. I appreciate your question regarding your digestive problems. I applaud you for being such a good advocate for your own health care. It is obvious that you have been persistent and proactive in seeking a solution and that is one of most important factors in resolving health issues.

While we are not medical professionals at Mayo Connect, perhaps someone else will be able to identify with some or all of your symptoms and offer some suggestions. I see that you are planning to go to Mayo to seek answers if your ERCP does not provide you with answers. That is definitely a good plan.

Since you have indicated this problem is new to you, I have a couple of questions, is there any family history of digestive problems? Have you considered food allergies? Have you ever kept a food/activity journal to see if there are any triggers to your symptoms? While you do not mention your age, I'm assuming that you are a younger person based on your picture.

Have you recently had any unusual stressors, changes in lifestyles, moves, etc.?

I look forward to hearing from you again and I hope that you soon find a resolution.


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I know this is gonna sound weired but does it somtimes feel like you got rocks in your stomach


Welcome and sorry for your troubles. I have chronic pancreatitis and some of your symptoms line up with mine and some don't. I also have heard very similar symptoms with folks who have had a bad Gall Bladder. That would be the only two experiences I can use to speak to your issues.

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Maybe gastroparesis.


Hello @medic_simmons,

I was wondering how you are doing. Have you had any new diagnostic tests and/or procedures scheduled yet? I do hope that your doctors are able to get to the root of your problem.

I would love to hear from you again and know how you are doing.


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