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Posted by MaggieMay21 @maggiemay21, Jan 31, 2013

Last week on January 23rd I went to the hospital. My stomach was hurting, and I was full of nausea. I didn’t know why. That whole week I was in pain and I disliked eating because it made me feel as if I was going to puke.

I went to the ER since I don’t have a family doctor here in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. I waited for 20 minutes and luckily got in fast. He diagnosed me with a UTI, they gave me fluids and made me stay there until supper time. It was lunch time when I got there. He prescribed me meds and I filled them out. Taking them for the whole week.

Now on January 30th 2013, around 3pm I was sent back to the ER.

They helped a bit relieved some of my pain. As soon as I was out of them, the pain came back. Ten times worse. I went to a walk in doctor and he said that I should go to the ER asap. I did. Spending $20 bucks on cab fare to get there.
I waited 4 and a half hours, in severe pain. I was crying, hunched over, and people were staring at me wondering why I wasn’t being admitted first. “They should really get you in first. You can’t fake that kind of pain.” And yet they still made me wait. I asked the nurse, “How much longer? Please.” I was to the point of crying, praying and asking God to just end my suffering at this point. I was sick of being in pain.
By the time I got in I was scared to stand up and walk. I was scared I was going to fall over. They made me pee in a cup, and then wait in a stupid little room on a bed. Then asked me a million times if I was pregnant. You think the pee test would fucking tell you, you ignorant morons. Anyway, I waited, in pain. The doctor came in, made me take off my pants and checked my vagina for some stupid disease that I didn’t even have. Then did blood work. I got another fucking IV on my arm and pumped full of pain meds and gravol. Which helped. I rested, still in pain. The blood tests came back normal.
How can they be normal? The urine test said I still had an UTI. The doctor said “I will book you for an ultrasound for your stomach tomorrow morning.” I was like okay good. I called them this morning and they said, “You can’t come in today. We’ve booked you for Monday.”

Well thanks.. I’ll be in school and no I don’t wish to miss school in order for more of you’re guys’s stupid games. You should of found out what was wrong with me in the first place.
The doctor said, “Maybe it’s stress because you look normal on my chart.”Dude. If it was stress I wouldn’t be keeling over, crying, and in so much pain that I have to get an IV full of pain meds in order to get rid of the pain. I know stress and it goes away on it’s own. This isn’t normal. I shouldn’t have pain in my stomach for two fucking weeks and nothing is helping it. Fuck the charts, I am telling you what I AM FEELING. The chart could be wrong. You never fucking know.

I’m really fed up with the Canadian health care system right now. This is ridiculous. Now what, I have to be in constant pain for the rest of my life? I’m 19 years old. I don’t wish to be in pain. He didn’t even prescribe me anything for my UTI which was STILL there. Nor did he give me anything for the pain. So I’m sitting here, in pain and it’s only going to get worse and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Jesus Christ might as well kill me now.
The pain was so severe it felt like someone was literally cutting me open with a rusted knife.

Note: I am Canadian but this Mayo Clinic thing didn't let me list my Province.

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The ultrasound should show if you have stomach ulcer. If not, how is the test for liver and pancreatic inflammation? Feel well.


Sounds like gallbladder or kidney stones 2 me.


Was your stomach bloated also? I have these symptoms and I am waiting to see my doc. I can't eat because it hurts and comes right out. I can't exercise because I'm in pain and dizzy. Could it seriously just be stress?! What happened for you?


It could be a multiple of things, I have been in pain like you have experienced! Have they ordered any form of ct scans/ MRI? From my experiences on trying to figure out what is going on / these helped my doctor limit me to what my problem was! Remember it is your body and you know how you feel! You know something isn't right you need to be demanding and possibly see a specialist if you know what your diagnosis is. Believe me I have been miss diagnosed several times. In my opinion you need more extensive tests done! I hope that this helps. I know the feeling of going to the ER several times and not getting any answers! It is very frustrating especially when you are in pain and it seems like the doctor either does not understand or simply doesn't care!
Tammy/ trouse

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