Zoledronic Acid: I need feed back for this drug please

Posted by kathysway @kathysway, Sep 25, 2019

I just went on Monday and had my first treatment of Zoledronic Acid and that night I had a very high fever and felt so very sick I wasn't aware that this could happen I read all the paperwork but I was so very sick I was shacking from being so cold the next day I called the Dr and was told if I get the high temp again to go to the ER my question is has anyone else had this happen and does it happen every time you get the treatment I'll be getting this every 6 months thank you for any and all answers

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I take Reclast every three months and am doing well with it now, but did not at first. I had a serious allergic reaction. My arms, legs and feet, face and neck were bright red and stinging. A steroid pack alleviated the problem, but I still need the drug to offset the bone-loss effects of ribociclib and furvescent and to build protection against bone mets. I could not tolerate Prolia. I now receive an antihistamine and steroids in my30-minute infusion and have no problems with it. I also make frequent check-up visits to my dentist and exercise a lot. Wish taking care of me didn't take so much time, but I'm thankful there is help!

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