Need drug to treat goiter

Posted by mosun40 @mosun40, Mar 7 2:41am

I had a swollen neck and had appointment with my doctor which a test was asked to be conducted and it was confirmed to be goiter but doctor advised to be treated orally not with surgery because it's still small.I need drug to be used.

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That’s good! I was told that thyroid medication CAN result in having a goiter shrink. IDK how much or any details because I had a hard time with the medication when I tried it so chose to discontinue it….. Probably the reason I continue to have problems with the medication after having a lobectomy. There is a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) which you might want to explore. It’s probably best to find a doctor who specializes in it and ask for a second opinion to see if you would be a candidate. You get to keep your thyroid and it shrinks the goiter….. I was not a candidate due to a high probability of cancer but it sounded like a great option…. Anything that can shrink the problem rather than surgically remove an organ sounds great to me! Good luck!

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