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Posted by @ernest in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 24, 2011

I had 3 disk removed and replaced in my neck. A piece of metal was placed to hold everything in place. All of this cost $64,234.65 and my neck is still the same. When i'am driving and stop i have to turn my whole body to see if any thing is coming down the road. Does anyone have a suggesting.


Posted by @patck, Aug 5, 2012

I just had a neck fusion and was told that I may not get a lot better but it would keep me from getting worse. Unfortunately I am a lot worse, but am still hoping this is temporary. No use of biceps or lifting arms away from body and peripheral neuropathy and spasticity of hands. Hopefully temporary. Cervical fusion is not something to go into quickly!


Posted by @ernest, Aug 5, 2012

I had another operation in May and my neck is no better. This time i was told to live with it. I thinking about a different neuro.

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