Posted by jacque6977 @jacque6977, Oct 18, 2017

For four years I wake up every morning with nausea. Many tests, hospital visits, different doctors and just about an annual endo have shown no identifiable cause of my nausea. Even though the doctors have not come right out an said it, but many believe my nausea is caused by Somatic Delusion Psychosis. In other words, I wake up an believe I will be sick even though this fact is contradicted by reality that there is nothing wrong with me. A recent endo however for the fist time did identify a possible cause, chronic bile reflux. However, even with this diagnosis, the GI doctor just gave me an IV nausea medication, and since I still had nausea the next day, he made the conclusion that the nausea was not a GI problem. Again believing the nausea is a mental problem and not a GI problem even though just five days ago his endo diagnosis was “chronic bile reflux”. I have made repeated requests for him to prescribe “ursodiol acid” to treat my constant nausea and the throwing up bile when I am able to eat. I am just getting over a broken tibia and need to go to a rehab facility for PT, but I am too sick and weak that they would not be able to perform the needed daily PT. I am thinking of getting a second opinion from a new GI doc, but that is just kicking the can down the road, especially when many in the medical profession believe I have a psychosis generated illness. It is hard to believe doctors think that i am so psychotic that I make myself sick every morning so that I can throw up bile, am so weak I can hardly walk, spent the majority of the day in bed and have lost fifteen pounds. The only medication my current GI doc has be on is Walmarts anti acid. I have reached the stage that I would rather die than to continue to live like this. Who do I turn to. The doctors say my condition is mental and the psychiatrist say it is physical I guess my question is, has anyone had experience with ursodiol acid to treat bile reflux? And question two is has anyone been diagnosed with “Somatic Delusion Psychosis”?

@jacque6977 – I found your post when searching "sick or somatic". Your story is somewhat familiar to me — I've been having some chronic issues since June 1, 2018, including nausea, and had an upper endoscopy completed. After I woke up from the surgery, the gastroenterologist/surgeon told me my stomach showed inflammation which could be due to bile reflux since I had my gallbladder removed two years ago, but he thought it was more likely to be H. Pylori since what he saw during the exam was a common presentation of H. pylori. However, when I got the results the following week that H. pylori and celiac were negative, he suddenly and inexplicably changed his tune and said that "anxiety can cause nausea". I was very confused and frustrated as to why bile reflux was no longer a consideration. It's been quite some time since your post — any answers?

Also, as a side note, the gastroenterologist did advise me to take a Vitamin B6 supplement, which I do think has improved the nausea a bit. You might ask your doctor about that if you haven't already.


Have you had your gallbladder removed?

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