Januvia vs Janumet

Posted by backhoe @backhoe, Feb 8, 2016

My Question is this.I am now 72 years old. In 2002 I had my right kidney reoved as they saw a quarter sized cancer thing. About 4 years ago I fell and the hospital found my left kdney had a hole in it and the bag around it filled with blood. After a week it quit and no problem with that since. BUT< during the hsopital stay I developed diabetes. I was first put on januvia. After usiing that for a couple years I was given a NEW primary doctor and pput me on Janumet. Then last month I visited my Kideny doctor and he said that Januvia was better for my kidney. The wrnings on the net say both are harmful for my kidney. I GIVE UP. Somebody tell me once and for all, WHICH ONE IS BETTER>

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Hi @backhoe,

Welcome to Connect. Mayo Clinic's Drug and Supplements information indicate that patients with kidney problems may require an adjustment in the dose for either drug.


Looking at this comparative view of Janumet and Januvia, it would appear that Janumet is associated with kidney problems. http://www.iodine.com/compare/janumet-vs-januvia Note: The website Iodine.com combines clinical research with real life experience, meaning that the information comes from FDA reports, clinical research and what people say about the drugs they take.

Have you asked your pharmacist? Pharmacists can be so helpful in giving expanded information about the drugs we take. Please let us know what you find out.

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