~ my newest acrobatic ???? ~

Posted by .harp player @amberpep, Jun 5, 2019

Yesterday, when I was walking my dog, the back of my building has about 10 ft. of flat area, and then about 20 ft. downhill. I keep her up on the flat. Well, somehow yesterday she pooped over half way down the hill, I went to get it with the bag, slipped and fell and slid. OUCH. And to make it worse I was still in my bathrobe and pj's. Since I've had a TKR and a revision, I can't crawl up on my knees, so I sort of shinnied up sideways, taking everything on the ground with me. That was hard. By the time I got to the top I realized my hands, elbow and shoulder were skinned and the flesh over my knee was also skinned. I just sat for a bit and then used my "hippopotamus" way of getting up on my feet. I came in, took everything off and immediately put it in the washer and took a shower I could tell the implement in my knee was fine, but the flesh around it was sore, like when it's going to rain. So, now I'm wearing a brace, just to take the pressure off of it and help keep the swelling down.
So, that's my newest acrobatic display! Lovely. And my next trick will be ……….. ??????????

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I am sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope you got some help and are well on your way to recovery.
I have a problem and I don’t know how to start a discussion because I have never seen anyone talk about it before. I am trying to go to sleep and my feet and legs jerk and move on their own. This of cot wakes me up and I wonder what’s happening then I can’t go to sleep. Am I dreaming or is this a real medical problem? Help EvaK


@kieva74 Hi is your legs jerking from RLS . If so taking Magnesium before bed helps this as Potassium will also . I have this at times but then got on these 2 vitamins or minerals I should say . Are you drinking enough water that could be the culprit also . If you have no other symptons then the jerky legs which Ive had in the past it could be Restless Leg syndrome. Hope this helps


@amberpep what a nightmare that must have been! How are you doing now? I hope you are healing well, physically and also your pride, if there were other people around to witness this whole incident. It does not sound like much fun. The trials of getting older.


@keva74 I found this about legs twitch when going to sleep, I presume that jerking and twitching are the same thing. My husband's hands twitch when he's falling asleep, but not his legs. It's pretty benign apparently.

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