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My mom is 94 and for the past 6 months has been

Posted by @marlenegladys, Dec 1, 2012

My mom is 94 and for the past 6 months has been progressively more forgetful. She fell 3 months ago and was in alot of pain from compression fracture of discs in her spine. I’m one of her 3 daughters and live 150 miles away but for 3 months we 3 daughters have shared the joy/burden of being with her 24/7. In the course of those 3 months we ended up deciding she needed to be in an assisted living facility. She has been there 1 week and is not her cheery self – unhappy, confused, wanting to go home – i feel so sorry for her – she is hard of hearing, cannot see well, but she was always upbeat, e.g. if you asked her how she was, her reply would be “still kicking, just not as high”. Now she is sad and misses her friends from the senior apartment complex that we felt she was no longer able to be in. Her friends there all told us we did the right thing. I’m just wondering if you have any ideas of how to make this transition easier on her. Thank you. @piglit



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Posted by @piglit, Dec 1, 2012

Hi The adjustment can be quite a slow process and a week is just early days for your dear Mum. I would be placing pictures of the family in her room,. Also a photo album that she can look through all helps with the change. Being confused is quite a normal occurence to happen. It’s all new to her new surroundings and people to get used too. If she likes listening to music a cd recorder with her favourite music can also be soothing, Reassurance from you and your sisters is also important. which I know that she gets on a regular basis from all of you. I know work in a nursing home and the majority in the high care dementia unit, and all of these things I have seen work and help. Another thing is a cuddly teddy bear. These can be of great comfort, anything that reminds her of happy memories will also assist. I know how hard this decision was and still is for you and your family, but you have made the right choice for your Mum and in time she will settle down and get used to her new home and feel okay with things again. Take care and always here anytime if you need to talk. Annie


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Posted by @dda, Dec 2, 2012

Visit her as much as you can to monitor her care. Be sure she returns to her cheery self once you feel she is settled in for no ones happiness should be taken from them.

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