My liver enzymes are elevated after radiation treatments.

Posted by glendafl @glendafl, Mar 14 11:34pm

During my radiation treatments I begin to have digestion issues. I developed a cough and acid reflux and now I’m nauseated most every day. I took several 14 day treatments (Prilosec) during and after radiation. I’ve taken Prilosec before but very infrequently, like once every 6 or 8 months. My doctor did a blood test which showed my liver enzymes were elevated. He waited six weeks and the second test showed improvements in two of three enzymes. He is now doing an ultrasound on my abdomen and liver plus another blood test to check for autoimmune hepatitis, I believe.
All this was ignited through the radiation treatments. My body is trying to work it all out, but it’s struggling to get back to Norma from this assault.
I’m doing all I know to do. I eat mostly vegetarian, very little diary or meats. I’ve been keeping a food diary and I try to walk in the sun daily and get in between 7,000 and 10,000 steps in a day. I’m going to counseling, drinking lots of water and not working at this time to keep my stress level down.

I do have gall stones so this is something else my doctor is looking at.

Has anyone experienced any symptoms like this after radiation?

My symptoms at this time is mostly nausea a few hours after every meal.
Sometimes even with weak coffee I get nauseous. The cough has improved and I have almost no acid reflux now.
But, that’s with eating smaller meals, nothing heavy after 7:00 pm. I try to eat non acidic foods, apples, bananas and cantaloupe, etc. for snaking.


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I haven't experienced this after radiation, although some of the symptoms are familiar to me from gallstones. It is good that you are able to follow this up with your doctor, and hope you know more soon. Do you have any more results? Sounds difficult--and hope it resolves easily.

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